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Laser Elite LE-X1 Parking diffuser. Laser elite parking diffuser system NORTHANTS
Laser elite parking diffuser system.
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Whilst it is possible to get advanced warning from standard laser detectors, Laser Elite not only provides you with an audible and visual alert to the presence of 904nm laser but will also fire back the same frequency and pulse rate thereby confusing the mobile laser speed camera equipment. This effectively prevents it from taking a speed reading of your vehicle. Laser Elite is able to do this by using incredibly fast microchip technology and class 1 laser diodes installed to the front of your vehicle.

Laser Elite is the only device on the market to use such high quality lasers and lenses. This gives huge advantages to both reception and coverage. The unit is supplied with a single laser sensor which can be fitted to either the front or the rear of the vehicle, additional laser sensor heads are available which plug in to the same junction box.

Laser Elite is not sold or packaged as a ‘laser jammer’. The handbook clearly shows it is an operational device that is used for parking and which operates on the same, licence free wavelength of 904 nm as do many other devices. Obviously some naughty people use it as a way of defeating laser guns.
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